Param Foundation is a philanthropic Public Trust engaged into various social activities. The foundation conducts various programmes having social relevance. We engage in assisting anyone in need but the attempt is to create a long-lasting impact upon lives of individuals and / or communities. We believe in ‘enabling’ and ‘empowering’ individuals and / or communities to achieve self-reliance and sustainable life opportunities. We seek collaborations with well meaning individuals and organizations to bring permanent positive changes in lives of those who are promising, have potential but for various reasons cannot break their vicious cycles of limitations and deprivations.


Quest for Best. We shall promote Excellence in all spheres of life. We believe in supporting those who have potential to rise and shine if opportunities are provided to them and timely interventions are made in their life conditions. We do so with expectation that each person benefiting by our intervention vows to salvage atleast one such soul in need.

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